About Us

Our Mission

The mission of Ecology Action Bike Programs is to increase the number of people using active forms of transportation by providing education and resources for youth and adults to make their active commute safer and more frequent.

Ecology Action strives to get people to act today to create more sustainable living and our bicycle and walking initiatives hit the mark for more sustainable health, financial well-being, community connections and environment. The simple act of pedaling, walking or pushing a scooter for regular around town trips can transform and improve lives. Our active (legs moving, lungs pumping, and heart beating) transportation effort encompasses a number of distinct programs with a focus on school children, families, commuters, businesses and public agencies.

Some of Ecology Action’s bicycle and walking programs have been in existence since 1987. For example, Our Bike to Work/School initiative has grown both organically and through intentional innovation and refinements to meet the evolving needs and interest of our community. This flagship program now serves over 13,000 participants annually with a strong youth presence. Simply put, we believe and invest in our children. Our direct services engage kids in healthy, positive, educational, and maturing activities. Biking, walking, skateboarding, and push scootering to school and around town is an act of self-reliance, discovery and exercise that grows better children. This also holds true for adults. Less money on costly vehicles, more regular exercise and reduced carbon footprint are some of the benefits of leaving the car in the driveway.
Here’ s to Healthy People and a Healthy Planet!

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