Bicycle Street Skills Classroom Presentations

Bike Smart! works with local schools and community centers to offer bicycle street skills presentations for elementary and secondary school aged youth. The workshops are designed to include multi-modal activities to engage, motivate and effectively instruct youth in skillful bicycling technique. In addition to an oral presentation by a trained speaker, workshops include video, interactive modeling and practice, group work and games. In addition, pre and post-questions are administered to evaluate students’ learning. Workshops typically last approximately one hour, however they can be lengthened or shortened depending on the needs of the organization.

Concepts Covered:

  • Good reasons to ride a bike (fun, healthy, form of transportation, good for environment, convenient and economical)
  • Bicycle Fit and Maintenance – ABC Quick Check
  • Importance of Helmet Use and Proper Fit
  • Being Visible – High Visibility and Reflectors/Lights at Night
  • Bicycles as vehicles on road with same rights and responsibilities as automobiles, i.e. obeying traffic laws such as stopping at stop signs, riding in same direction as traffic and signaling
  • Communicating with drivers – hand signals
  • Bicycle hazards – railroad tracks, car doors, objects and rough surfaces in roadway and motorists entering from driveways and cross-streets

Bicycle Street Skills Obstacles – a.k.a “Rodeos”

Rodeos are obstacle courses which youth ride through on bicycles to learn and practice traffic and handling skills. The rodeos are designed to be educational AND fun and include a variety of drills and games. Bike Smart! rodeos are held at schools and community youth organizations.

The majority of Bike Smart! rodeos take place at schools during the regular school day. The rodeos are preceded by the Bicycle Street Skills Presentation, usually about 1 week before. Generally a two-hour time block is needed per class for the rodeo.

Activities and Targeted Skills:

  • Helmet fit check
  • “ABC Quick” bicycle check
  • Obeying traffic laws (stopping at red lights and stop signs)
  • Riding on the right
  • Hand signals
  • Shoulder check
  • How to safely make a right turn, left turn, and proceed straight through the intersection
  • Navigating the rules of an intersection crossing (who goes first?)
  • “Rock Dodge” – avoiding obstacles in one’s path
  • Slalom – steering control
  • Teeter-totter – steering control
  • Basic bicycle maintenance

Beginner Bicyclist Course

The Beginner Bicyclist Course focuses on basic bicycle handling and traffic skills for the youngest and least experienced riders. Before riding in the course, kids’ helmets are checked for proper fit and their bicycles are checked for safety by a bicycle mechanic. Upon completion of the rodeo, participants may receive a certificate of completion and a “goodie” bag with bicycle safety pamphlets and prizes.

Activities and Targeted Skills:

  • Meaning of signs and signals
  • Watching for cars backing out of driveways when riding on sidewalk
  • Safely crossing intersections – looking four directions for motorists
  • Looking left-right-left for automobiles before entering street from driveway
  • Making eye contact with drivers
  • Walking bike across railroad tracks and looking left-right-left for trains
  • Starting and stopping
  • Slalom – steering control
  • “Rock Dodge” – avoiding obstacles in one’s path


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